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I enjoy graffitti. I would like a bunch of it painted on my porch if my neighbors didn't care. I have stopped really caring about the Cubs. I now care about the Sox, both red and white. The air conditioning is really cold in here. I am wearing a sweatshirt and it is 90 degrees outside but in this office it is chilly, willy.

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My bother is a professional boxer.”
“No, featherweight. He tickles his opponents to death.”

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--- Angela Mills <psycmillie@yahoo.com wrote:

haha. even in the summer my beditme is before midnite!

oh, and i almost forgot about the latroy hawkins heckling...people
all around wrigley were chanting "hawkins" and then he screwed up,
we deserved a little abck from him!

"Buchanan, Jay" <Jay.Buchanan@NC-4.com wrote:

'have you ever stayed up this late?" that's great.


From: Angela Mills [mailto:psycmillie@yahoo.com]

ah man, well i was really happy to see barrett hit a HR. there was
some heckling in the bleachers for san fran's left fielder. and then
people were loving matt murtan! z gave him a hard time and yelled
out at the beginning of the 10th inning "have you ever stayed up this
late?!?" matt laughed! people were shouting out go huskies for
hairston, since he was a naperville north huskie.

"Buchanan, Jay" <Jay.Buchanan@NC-4.com wrote:
we left after the 7th. so we missed Barrett's HR

From: Angela Mills [mailto:psycmillie@yahoo.com]

i am tired and i dont have to work today. i am also annoyed that we
stayed up so late to see the cubs lose. :(

but it was a good time last nite.

"z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

i am mildly tired

--- "Buchanan, Jay" wrote:

Good morning!

I just wanted to say it was fun hangin' with you guys and going to
the game. I'm glad I went. We're a part of history (ok that might be a
strech at least we got to witness history being made). In any case,
was a blast.


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