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I have been doing home fix it projects lately. I am happy I am learning some stuff but I messed up this electical project the other day so we didn't have power in our bathroom for one morning. My poor wife had to shower by candlelight since she gets up for work so early. I think I am gonna keep trying these projects because it beats paying someone to do this stuff.

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The vocalist was practicing in the church with all the windows open.
As she stepped outside what a whiff of fresh air, she noticed the gardener trimming the shrubs. “How did you like my execution?” she asked.
The gardener without turning to look at her said, “I’m in favor of it.”

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--- Z <aziola@yahoo.comwrote:

It is unfortunate. You should consider alernate programming. There is
no doubt in my mind that I would rather watch Fresh Prince reruns
than Hawk and DJ. Thanks for the reply.

Andrew Ziola

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Unfortunately, the Chicago White Sox choose their announcers. If
you wish, you may e-mail HawkAndDJ@aol.com or post your e-mail on Hawk & DJ's
White Sox Blog at www.SuperstationWGN.com/sports or contact the Chicago
White Sox at...

U.S. Cellular Field
333 West 35th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616-3696
(312) 674-1000

Thanks for writing and watching.


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From: WGNTV Webmaster

name: Andrew Ziola
city: Chicago IL 60657
email: z@homemail.com

I have noticed when the Sox are losing, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson seems
to mumble or not speak at all. Can you either turn up his microphone when
this is the case or get an announcer that will call a game if the Sox happen to
be winning or losing? Thanks.

Andrew Ziola

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