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Buying and selling real estate is a large pain. They should make it easier. Like buying cars is lame. People don't like it. There should be a person that helps you buy a house - that does all the pain in the butt stuff for you. I am more slender lately. I know this because I am on a new notch on my belt. The biggest lie in the information age is "working from home." This basically means you are going home or going out and you might check email like once, maybe. I got excited about my softball team's playoffs.

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After his divorce Mr. Lewis realized that poker isn’t the only game that starts with holding hands and ends with an astounding financial loss.

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In addition to WGNCubsTVBooth@aol.com and www.WGNTV.com/baseballblog,
may also contact the Chicago Cubs at
Wrigley Field
1060 West Addison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60613-4397

Thanks again for writing.


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Please move Pat Hughes to TV. PLEASE!

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You may e-mail WGNCubsTVBooth@aol.com or the baseball blog at

Thanks for writing and watching.


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name: Andrew Ziola
city: Chicago, IL 60614
email: z@homemail.com

I have been watching the Cubs on WGN for about 24 years and wanted
tell you how bad I think Kasper and Brenly are. I have given them a

chance as best I could, but I just think they are horrible. See ya.

URL: http://wgntv.trb.com/news/wgntv-email-sports.emailform

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