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My point is that if we put up a Coming Soon page and it remains a Coming Soon page a year later, we are gonna look dumb. So my body aches. Is this what happens when you are 29. Body parts hurt. I don't want to get older and I don't want more old people pain in the future. I think more people are getting laid off at my company. So this is like the 6th round of layoffs I think. Man I guess this never ends.

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nomar - of course you sprained your wrist
you are here
mia hamm is in greece
lets see your pay per view bill......

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Melissa Mysliwiec

kind of a funny story that happened to Lana on her honeymoon

----- Forwarded by Melissa Mysliwiec


Hey! I just have about one minute so I will make this short. Yesterday in the lobby (packed by the way) Phil and I were looking at a kid that looked like shermie and i walked right into a 15 foot around column. Eye swelled up and it is now bruised, thank god for a tan face. I also bruised my knee and my knuckle and scrpaed up my thumb. Had to receive first aide from the Marriott people. Dumbest thing I have ever done. Cried in the lobby, felt dizzy but quickly recovered with a few drinks. Eye looks better today but still bruised and only a bit swollen. Having a great time, the room has made all the difference. IT is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sit on our balcony and watch all the action down below. Tell all we say hi and I will chat with you soon. Lana

THanks again, and I think your friend Sandy will get a kick out of my story.

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