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I smelled something that smelled like Fall a day or two ago. I love Summer and hate the other seasons but for the 1st time in years I was fine that it smelled like Fall. I think this is pretty much due to the fact that the Cubs are not going to be playing games in October this year. I have come to that conclusion. Oh well. GO Bears.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

“Pull over the curb,” said the policeman. “You don’t have a taillight.”
The motorist stepped out, looked in back of the car, and stood quivering and speechless. “Oh, it’s not that bad,” said the policeman. The man mumbled, “It’s not the taillight I am worried about. Where are my wife and trailer?”

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

[10:11] taracr318: Visiting her relatives right?
[10:12] ziola1039: ya, my wife and sister in law are there now, i am
leaving thurs morning
[10:12] taracr318: When you there till?
[10:12] ziola1039: monday
[10:12] taracr318: Cool. Should be a hot weekend for you huh!
[10:13] taracr318: Your going from hot to scortching hot
[10:13] ziola1039: ya we pretty much live in their pool, i will golf
too but like at 7am
[10:13] taracr318: Very nice!
[10:14] taracr318: I am actually planning on going to the driving range
for lunch today just to take some swings
[10:14] taracr318: I need to get out golfing soon! Been awhile
[10:15] ziola1039: i have picked it up this year, i golfed a ton when i
was a youth but not a lot in past 10 years
[10:15] ziola1039: i only use irons
[10:16] taracr318: Driver can be a pain
[10:16] ziola1039: i dont even bring woods with me
[10:17] taracr318: I am gradually getting better and better off the tee
with the driver, but I don't even bring my fairway woods
[10:18] ziola1039: i love big hits as much as the next guy but i no put
more effort into chippin and puttin and it has made me more competitive
[10:19] taracr318: Short game definitely helps
[10:20] ziola1039: it is so boring but i wanna get under 100 at some
point in my life
[10:21] taracr318: Each year I am getting better and better it seems. I
have been shooting mid 80s this year when I was low 90s last.
[10:22] ziola1039: wow you rock, do you keep truthful scores? or do you
do what some folks i know do and wont take a score higher than an 8?
[10:22] taracr318: Again, I trust my irons and putting, but having that
driver there knocks off one to three strokes a hole sometimes
[10:22] taracr318: Truthful
[10:23] ziola1039: how often you play a year?
[10:25] taracr318: Anywhere from 10-30 times a year. I will go on a
rage when my brother comes in town and go 3 days in a row and than not
play for weeks.
[10:25] taracr318: Kinda hit or miss.
[10:26] ziola1039: that is a TON
[10:27] taracr318: I usually have a few outings a summer too. It is
usually in the 10-20 range though.
[10:28] taracr318: A few years some buddies and I would go out twice a
weekend. That was nuts and very expensive!
[10:28] ziola1039: ya the money is just nutty, f that
[10:29] ziola1039: no joke, i have a mission to golf a course where you
dont have to wear a shirt
[10:29] taracr318: Its unbeleivable...at least $50 a round
[10:29] taracr318: There are some around here.
[10:29] ziola1039: that is why so many corporate people do it i guess
[10:29] ziola1039: WHERE?
[10:30] taracr318: You can got the the local public courses and they
don't care once you are away from the club house.
[10:30] taracr318: They dont send rangers around so it doesn't matter.
[10:31] ziola1039: i did that at the one by the lake and they came out
and told me to put my shirt on
[10:31] taracr318: Which one? Diversey one?
[10:31] ziola1039: ya the one over there by the lake north of belmont
[10:32] taracr318: Yeah. The one just down golf road by Old Orchard
"Chick Evans" I don't think would care
[10:43] ziola1039: a friend of mine was at a course in michigan that
has a note on their website that says 'shirts are required only on
holes 7, 12, and 18

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