About 2 years ago I ran an experiment against my doctor. Ever since I can remember, my dentist has told me to try and floss more. I always thought this was annoying so I went ahead and literally flossed every day for 6 months and went to my dentist appointment. They told me I needed to floss more! I so bad wanted to tell them that I had flossed every day but I held back. But now I know that no matter what I do - they are going to tell me to floss more.

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on behalf of someone that has a baby

"lugging around 25 pounds of concrete" sounds about right

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There is a tradition here to chain people to a bowling ball when they get married. Well, they took it a step further & decided to start chaining people when they have babies. The baby he is chained to is actually full of concrete. So, he is lugging around 25 lbs for the day.

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What is this from??

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As you can tell, developers have way to much free time. Notice

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Subject: Pic

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