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It is hot. My sleep timing is off and I have been waking up early and going to bed early. It is weird how that can change.

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The comments of a young mother: Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up children. Now I have six children and no theories.

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Session Start (aziola:koettersam): Tue Aug 01 08:56:55 2006
[08:57] aziola: mike mertel starting here soon?
[08:57] koettersam: should be
[08:57] koettersam: yeah
[08:57] koettersam: I think he had like 10 days off before he starts
[08:57] aziola: i will make sure he knows where the coffee and mens
room is
[08:57] koettersam: good idea
[08:57] koettersam: he'll need an inside guy to show him around
[08:58] koettersam: slip him a newspaper in the poooper every once in a
[08:58] aziola: cubs swept the cardinals
[08:58] koettersam: that'll make him feel welcom
[08:58] aziola: why is he from redbird nation?
[08:58] koettersam: I know.. cubs are playing like .850 ball vs. cards
[08:58] koettersam: no
[08:59] koettersam: i was talking about the newspaper in the pooper,
not baseball
[08:59] aziola: gotcha
[08:59] koettersam: can't believe cubs got rid of some good names
[09:00] koettersam: guess they've gotta do something
[09:00] aziola: they had to, better than getting nothing for them and
them walkin at end of year
[09:00] aziola: maddux cant pitch forever, he barely hits 85MPH now
[09:00] koettersam: true

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