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I enjoy cooking. I want to get my own version of recipes for tons of stuff. I am most proud of my chili, beefbrisket and I like our taco seasoning.


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Joke of the Week

"Doctor,I have a son who thinks he's a chicken," said the man.
"Why don't you bring him in for treatment?" asked the doctor.
"We need the eggs," replied the man.

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

From: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com>

.08 is dui right? so i think he is fine

--- Ed Emberson <eemberson@yahoo.com> wrote:

that sounds high.

Z <aziola@yahoo.com> wrote:

tank johnsons blood alcohol was 0.072

-- Ed Emberson wrote:
The street would be packed...

Z wrote: i couldnt imagine all those people out
there thinkin they have chance
to be a millionaire if they got that ball

--- Ed Emberson wrote:
I know you do...this is for a night game against SF...may be
packed if he is on 755.

Z wrote:

i have had this debate probably 50 times
in my mind it comes down to the fact that if the sun is out you
are guaranteed sun let me know if i can provide any more insight, i take a lot of
pride in this subject

--- Ed Emberson wrote:

Just listing out the pros and cons of sitting in the
bleachers....we are taking customer to game. They live in Tulsa and have never
been... thanks.

Z wrote: ya but they added more bathrooms and you
can also goto the grandstand bathrooms that is my little secret, you can now leave the bleachers and
goto the grandstands why? you goin to bleachers and really have to go to the

--- Ed Emberson wrote:
Z, Are the bathrooms for the bleachers still all the way down
on the main level?

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