I am not happy with some of the flabs on my midsection. I guess cutting back on candy might help that.

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From: "/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com

i have only been golfing zero times this year

--- On Fri, 7/24/09, Shea Nimocks <shea.nimocks@appletonmarine.com wrote:

From: Shea Nimocks <shea.nimocks@appletonmarine.com

I don’t have a problem golfing. Let me know what
you guys figure out.

From: Buchanan, Jay

I'm up for whatever the group wants. If that means, getting to Milwaulkee early and no golf
that's cool with me. If that mean 18 holes that works as well.

From: Shea Nimocks

I’ve only
been out once this year, so 18 may be
interesting (I might be done by 6ish). I’m up
for whatever. If you guys want to play at one of those courses closer to
Hwy 41, I can take that route down there too.

From: Mark Moroni

Guys -

So I think I've narrowed down the courses we can play
at which are relatively close to Milwaukee .
Each of these courses seem OK, and are close to downtown
Milwaukee (within 20-30 mins). The green fee for all these courses is: $37.50, but
I doubt it includes the cost of a cart which may be another $16 or so...




I'm thinking we try to get a tee time between 11-11:30
which should get us done
by 4ish.

Any issues with this?


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