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Foul smells are bothering me today. I don't really like dealing with people today. I am glad I live by myself so I can be alone at night and not have to deal with people anymore and it is Z time. Man I really think I am bitter or angry or pissed today. I don't wanna blame it on Monday or blame it on annoying people. I think the good think at least like at work is tha I think I sound nice when I deal with annoying people even though there are finding me annoying. I am kinda interested to find out who reads this Zbonia thing, and why do you read it? Is this blabble blabble of Z interesting? I am a very persistent web person. I always get this stuff done on time. I eat the sunflower seeds at my apartment. I enjoy them. I think I come up with some fun ideas for my website.


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Joke of the Week

How do you get a man to do situps?

Glue the TV remote between his ankles...

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top


you better win against the quadraplegics.

From: "Paul Fruzyna" Paulf@sficorp.com

Yeah, and we lost last week. We beat the one armed team this week though...

From: RoMN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

i heard the team you played against last week were all in wheel chairs.

From: "Paul Fruzyna" <Paulf@sficorp.com

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

yeah - in the retard league.

From: "Paul Fruzyna" <Paulf@sficorp.com

We're 5-1. First place!

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

well that's yer own damn fault.

why don't you just stay the whole week then.

then you'll only have to drive once.

you should come watch us play softball and see how a real team plays.

From: "Paul Fruzyna" <Paulf@sficorp.com

That will be great, however I'm not looking forward to that
drive 2 weeks in a row.

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

i'm real excited that we get to hang out a lot of days this summer


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