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I chomp bubble gum pretty loud. Since I am getting older I try to use earplugs at rock shows and eat less cheese. I am getting better at art. I hope my cat lives forever.

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Q: Why are anteaters so healthy?
A: Because they are high on ant-i-bodies!

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Subject: RE: Seward Thursday Softball - no ump showed up
To: "Matt Madura" <mmadura@leapfrogonline.com>

i think their employees make like 25k a year and are like 20 years old

--- Matt Madura <mmadura@leapfrogonline.com> wrote:

> I love that they repeated like 10 times that issues come up when an
umpire can't be there but do not say anything about why they can not
send someone like Brett that does the fields to ump the games when
umps don't show!! Also, Brett obviously does a great job preparing the
fields as we all can see!!

Z <aziola@yahoo.com> 7/18/2006 5:18:51 pm>>

my favorite part is that this is maybe the 15th time we have had big
issues and nothing changes ---

Matt Madura <mmadura@leapfrogonline.com> wrote:
I smell some Bullshit!! Jackasses! Oh...sorry. Just my thoughts!

>> Z <aziola@yahoo.com> 7/18/2006 5:05:27 pm>>

here is the canned response i got from sportsmonster in regards to
thursday (i wrote them a long explanation of how poopy they are)

From: "Jennifer Bice" <jennifer@sportsmonster.net>

Subject: RE: Seward Thursday Softball - no ump showed up

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your feedback it is always good to hear from the participates,
both the positive and negative. I have not been able to talk with Brett,
softball manager about the situation on Thursday due to him being
out at the field making them playable and myself doing the same thing with
beach volleyball. I am aware that Stanton is giving everyone headache due
to the fact that it does not hold water. The only time we do double book Steward is
if it is a must needed situation, which I believe this was due to
all the rain outs in the weeks prior.
We always try to hire reliable and responsible refs, but as you probably
know sometimes unforeseen situations appear. I am not sure what happened
with the umpire but I assure I will be asking Bret. We do
appreciate your patronage with us throughout the years and we do strive to make the
leagues run as smoothly as possible. We cannot control the weather and last
minute situations with the umpires.
It is also in our rules and regs that if the umpire does not show
your teams should play the game as long as the field is set-up, which you did
and that is great. It is not a preferable situation but again personal situations
arise with umpires that no one has control over.
Again thank you for sticking with us and we are working to make the
leagues run as smooth as possible. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season
and please let me or Bret know if you have any other questions or
Best Regards,
Jennifer Bice
Sports Monster, Social Monster, Matching Monster
4237 N Western Ave
Chicago IL 60618-2815
PH: 773-866-2955 ext. 103
FAX: 773-866-2983
URL: www.sportsmonster.net or www.socialmonster.com or

From: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com>
To: <bart@sportsmonster.net>; "Brett Sportsmonster"
Cc: "Aaron Eckley" <eckley@sportsmonster.net>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 10:30 AM
Subject: Seward Thursday Softball - no ump showed up
Bart and Brett:

I hope that the Seward umpire got in touch with you in regards to
last night's games, but I thought I would also make you aware that the
umpire never showed up for our game. We were supposed to play at
Staton but there was a problem with that field again this week, so we
played at Seward. So therefore Seward was double booked, there were 2
games at Seward at the same time which was crazy. You have heard from me
numerous times over the years and things have not improved. I am
sure you are surprised that we continue to play with you guys. Have you
had a team stick with you this long?

The league fee is expensive and we expect to have a season that
runs smooth. We don't care as much about money, as we do about softball,
we just want to play. But this has not been the case this summer. You
have allowed the Thursday Night Seward Stanton league to have an
overload of teams, 16 teams in this league. This is just insane. I understand
that you are trying to get as many teams as possible and make money but
16 teams with 6 time slots available each week obviously doesn't make
sense. Again, we just want to play but the past 3 weeks we have
been canceled because of puddles on the field at Staton, bye weeks, and
umps not showing up. I don't know what we are paying the league fees for
when the games are cancelled due to the condition of the field and
we ump our own games. These are recurring problems. I feel that the
only way we will ever make any strides with your company is to take our
business elsewhere. The main reason why we have not done this is
that we like playing at Seward on Thursdays. Can you tell me why we
should continue to play with you? Can you please consider having leagues
that don't have 16 teams in them and hire umps that show up to work?
Just show me any improvement in your leagues. It is like the Cubs, I
think that things can't get any worse and then they lose 7 in a row.
for your attention this this matter.

Andrew Ziola
Team Mullet

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