I have been drinking coffee ever since I was a kid. For a long time now I drink my coffee black and I was thinking why I do this and I think it is because I don't like wasting time pouring cream and sugar in there. I used to drink Starbucks but was sick of spending all that money so I switched to my work coffee. But my work coffee got bad so I have been back on Starbucks for a year or so. I order the big one but get 1/2 water because I think their coffee is too strong.

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Dear Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola to tell us
that you are enjoying Diet Pepsi. It means so much to us when we
receive such positive feedback from those whose opinion matters the
most—our loyal customers!

I’ll be sure to pass along your comments to the appropriate people
here at Headquarters.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. We really appreciate your
friendship and support.

Margaret Corsi
Consumer Relations Representative

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From: Ziola

I love diet pepsi. i drink 2 of them every day

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