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I probably get 75 spams a day I am really sick of them. I think this is an interesting comment, "I know that you are busy but, can you ..." My question to people that say this is - how do you know that I am busy? The shit really hit the fan regarding my scooter. I got passed by another, more powerful scooter this morning. This is sad. A lot of time I really think that thorough people are just wasting time.

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I don't have a joke this week sorry.

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you and elmo are evil and i am a good sorcerer


You rip on Elmo, you don;t deserve to rock! You must be EVIL


elmo does not rock so therefore i dont rock

now i am sad


You rock like Elmo!


great pics i love them they are up



hey z, as always, had a great time with you guys this
weekend. looking forwad to the next festival.

Love, Z E-mail me if you have anything you want to post on this page