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This is a status meeting where we go over the status of our items. It is not a meeting to hear you complain about stuff. I do a lot of paintings. I don't really get headaches. It is cool to hear people looking out for you when you don't really know it. It is just refreshing to find out after the fact that they were looking out for you.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

A man taking a woman home after their first date asks if he can come inside of a cup of coffee. “Oh, no,” she says, “I never ask a guy in on the first date.”
“Okay,” the man replies, “how about the last date?”

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

[16:11] koettersam: is he interviewing for hte ops manager?
[16:11] aziola: he is in with my boss now
[16:11] aziola: i will ask when they are done
[16:12] koettersam: tell your boss Dave sucks
[16:12] koettersam: and needs to shave
[16:12] aziola: he needs a kick in the face, that is what he needs
[16:12] koettersam: i bet he just looks like a dickhead
[16:13] aziola: he looks like my butt smells
[16:13] aziola: bad
[16:13] koettersam: terrible

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