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It has been quiet at work this week. I think I got a bug bite. Confusing things stink. I wish there were more colors. My handwriting was better in 3rd grade. I have not mowed a lawn for 13 years. I have made a lot of websites. The volume button is worn out on our remote.


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Joke of the Week

A doctor taking care of his last appointment of the day gives this man a thorough exam and finds him in optimal health. As the man is going out the door, he had a heart attack and died. The doctor looks at the man and tells the nurse, “help me turn him around to it looks like he was just coming in.

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

From: "Gil and Merilou Ziola"

We are all upset!!


From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

i am truly upset about this

--- Gil and Merilou Ziola <gziola@ntsource.comwrote:

Just heard on the news that the car spindle (or car kabob-all those
cars on a metal pole) in Berwyn at Harlem & Cermak, that was in Wayne's
World-is going to be torn down. They are going to build a Walgreen's in it's

Dad and I are heartbroken.


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