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I very much hate horns on cars. Do auto manufacturers make horns annoying on purpose just to made my blood boil? I have been doing a lot of conference calls lately. So ya that eats up so much time and takes away me writing long zbonias. I still need to get rid of this gut.

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Joke of the Week

Why do hummingbirds hum?
“Because they can't remember the words!"

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- Craig Shapiro (giarcubs@hotmail.com) wrote:

yeah, but then that old lady said she was miles davis, so everything was good

From: "z@homemail.com"

ya right after he said peeing your pants is cool

--- Craig Shapiro wrote:

didnt billy madison say school is cool?

From: "z@homemail.com"

school is lame

--- Craig Shapiro wrote:

just be glad you dont have a law school final to study for.

From: "z@homemail.com" ya starting pitching will keep us in any game

i hope offense stays together

jim hendry is a genious

i dont know what i am gonna do tonite considering there is no game on

--- Craig Shapiro wrote:

good timing i guess--dont think im that obsessive about your site

how about them? im not too sure. im going back and forth.
everyday. clement is much more impressive than i wouldve thought. zambrano
is too, but my fucking god, give him some runs. maddux is starting to
get it going. woods fine. prior wiil be too. i like the diversity among the
hitters. it seems like almost every game there is another guy stepping up.
alou, ramirez, sosa are awesome, although i wish theyd be better with men on
base. patterson has to stop swinging at every pitch. baretts ok, and walker
seems to be a little under what he was recently.

in the end...what do i know? im just hoping like everyone else.

From: "z@homemail.com"
i just launched it like 5 minutes ago

thanks bud

how bout those cubs?

Craig Shapiro wrote:

drodd revamp looks good

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