I got some new shirts. Sometimes I am a little sad when I have clothese that I reallyt like but they are old and I have to replace them and I end up replacing them with clothes that I don't like as much.

Email Attachment of the Week

Email Train of the Week

From: Regan, Michael

I hate to stick you with the browns, but i've seen them for the last 2 years in preseason and i have no desire to see them again.
take the Giants.

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com To: Regan, Michael

i will take Sun. November 22

that leaves us with preseason if you wanna pick game you
want of those 2

From: Regan, Michael

I'll take vikings

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com To: Regan, Michael

i want Sun. December 6 RAMS

From: Regan, Michael

I'll take the pack

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com

i want November 1 BROWNS

Michael Michael.D.Regan wrote:

Give me the cards

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com


--- On Thu, 6/25/09, Regan, Michael
Michael.D.Regan wrote:

With the first pick, team regan selects the reigning champs pittsburgh steelers

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com To: Regan, Michael


1st pick is yours

dont forget that randy pretty much said we
can try and pick any game to buy 2 tix from him so
you me wendy and ang
can all go to - we can figure that
out later

you are on the clock......


Ok, do u want to do this now?

From: [ Z ] <aziola@yahoo.com To: Regan, Michael

honestly i dont care about preseason at all i am
100% focused on picking regular season games

Michael.D.Regan wrote

Do u want to make a deal?
Whomever selects the browns
regular season
game, gets the giants
preseason game.

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