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This really blows my mind. I can't get over when I am helping someone out, doing them a favor - like building a website for them and I am the one buggine them for stuff. I am helping them! You figure they would have to bother me to help - not me bother them. This is very fucked up I think. I don't think you are allowed to rip on it unless you do better. People are quick to judge. Please just shut the fuck up unless you can do better, which you can't. I am never going to get the award for the person that did not try. I am doing a great job of cursing lately. I adore sarcasm. This is really beginning to make me sad. I ask people questions and they don't answer. Either they ignore me or are not listening. That is very rude. I am an awful bbq-er.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

How do you keep bears out of your front yard?

Put up a goal post.

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

Schmoopie the Cat

i have never seen sesame street - i think i mentioned in my q and a on drodd

i only watch the cubs and the WB

Fletcher the Dog

Me too. My mom is on the computer and playing with the baby all the time. But that is OK with me because I like to nap all day and play outside in the yard by myself. I wish you could come over to play! Right now I am watching Sesame Street with the baby. Do you like Sesame Street?

Schmoopie the Cat

i am sitting around at home again today

i do nothing all day every day

Fletcher the Dog

I am sorry! Today while I was pooping a robin swooped down and attacked me! She thinks I am going to eat her baby birds, but I am not. She pecked my butt!

Schmoopie the Cat

no i just walk around with poo butt until Z cleans it

Fletcher the Dog

That is gross. I never get poo stuck to my butt. I am a clean pooper. Have you tried rubbing your butt on the carpet when that happens?

Schmoopie the Cat

hi Fletcher thanks for the email

you wrote a long email for a dog

i am a cat

i have never pooed on the ground. once i pooed in my box and some poo got stuck on my butt and then it fell on the floor

Fletcher the Dog

Dear Schmoopie- You are quite the interesting feline. My name is Fletcher the dog and I saw your picture on Dr.Odd.com . I think that you are very attractive and I would like to get to know you more. Could you please send me more pics of you?

I feel your pain about eating the same thing every single day. I often get table scraps after my mom and dad are finished eating. You are lucky that you are the only cat in the house. My mom and dad just had a baby and now i have to share them. It blows ass. Speaking of blowing ass, pooping on the ground is great! Have you ever tried it?

Well, I need to go and lick myself where my balls used to be. Like you, I have been fixed. Bummer!

Call me and we can do lunch!

Love- Fletcher

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