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I am pretty busy. I can't find time to go to the bathroom. My new hairstyle is not working out. It is sunny for the first all day in a month. I wonder what is going to happen next. Everyone should move to Chicago in the Summer. And when you are here, buy a Cubs bleacher ticket and go. It is fun. But please pay attention to the game and cheer for the Cubs.

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Two bats are hanging in their cave. One turns to the other and says, "Oh, I'm really thirsty for some fresh blood."
The other bat is amazed and says, "Well, it’s a bit late. Daylight is almost here, and we can't be exposed to any light - you know we'll die." "Yeah, I know," says the first bat, "but I'm really starving for it."
So he flies out of the cave and returns five minutes later with blood dripping from his mouth.
"You lucky thing. Where'd you find blood that quick?" asked the second bat.
"You see that tree over there in the distance?" mumbled the bat, his mouth full of blood.
"Yeah, I think I do!"
"Well, I didn't."

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you are his kid? no way! let me know what he says...

--- Don Kim <initialdk@hotmail.com> wrote:

I'm Wendell Kim's son, and I found your graphic of my dad from Google. I thought was pretty funny/odd. I'll send the link to him. Thanks for being a fan.

Don Kim

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