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OK I hate bringing this up every year but fuck it, it is my bday. I can bitch right. My bday sucks and fuck you for not showing up to my bday lunch you fucking asshole. OK I am really beat and going on Ro-Boat in the sun and rowing out to the Z-Boat is tiring. The sun drains you man. I don't really get it but dude it is tiring. Nothing lasts forever. When you got it good. Enjoy it. Cause the chances of things ruling for an extended period of time are real low. We are moving floors again at work. I love moving but this is not the coolest cause I currently have this pimping corner cube with tons of windows and stuff. Chances of me having that on the new floor have to be pretty slim.


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Why is a joke like pussy?

Neither's any good if you don't get it.

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Andrew P Ziola

leno is a lame fucker


i don't wanna explain anymore.

From: Amy Dowsek

Does that change leno from 10:35 to 11:35

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

CDT = central daylight time
CST = central standard time

we are in central daylight time until the fall.

From: Amy Dowsek

You are beyond nerd

Explain this please

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]


we are currently in CDT not CST.

go ahead and call me a nerd.

From: Amy Dowsek

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

no - jay leno is on at 11:35pm CST

From: Amy Dowsek

That late show host.. come on, you know don't you?

He's on like at 11:35pm CST

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

who is conan obrian?

From: Amy Dowsek

He doesn't seem to be talking.. you know
what would be cool? If you could make chando's
mouth talk like conan obiran does on his show..

From: RoMaN

i didn't say anything...

but bulba has a lot to say.

From: Amy Dowsek

Shut it!

From: RoMaN

this cloud?

From: Amy Dowsek


It was just a cloud

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