I want to explain why I don't like the movies. I feel like maybe half of the movies I have seen I don't necarily like. If this was any other kind of art, I would be really upset. Like what if half of the rock albums I bought I didn't like? That would stink and I would feel like I am wasting my money. Tomorrow is my 33rd bday.

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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005
From: "z@homemail.com"

jay or jlo?

--- Ed Emberson <eemberson@yahoo.com wrote:

Jay made me cry



--- Ed Emberson wrote:

I talked to Schneck a couple weeks ago. I needed some contacts in Minneapolis.

"z@homemail.com" wrote

:you ever get in touch with him? note below different email -

--- Jay Schneck wrote:
Z- just checked in to the website- great stuff! Thanks for including me on the retired list. I really miss having to worry about rocks hitting me in the head on Thursday nights. People in Minnesota love the Team Mullet shirt. I am going to have to upgrade my collection with some of your new shirts. Do you have any Mullet bowling shirts?? the logo is great. Jay

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