It is hot out. Finally. It has pretty much been a cold and rainy Spring and I can't tell you how good it feels like it is sweaty hot out. OK this is Zbonia - I will tell you. It feels good now that it is hot and Summer sweaty out. I had a spectacular Father's Day this past Sunday. Father's Day is better when you are a Father. OK that is very obvious. This Zbonia seems pretty boring. Sorry about that.

Email Attachment of the Week

Email Train of the Week

Re: HGTV House Hunters
From: "[ Z ]" <aziola@yahoo.com
To: "Holly Schwartz" <holly_schwartz@pietown.tv

Hi Holly. I just wanted to let you know we have not sold our place or moved yet. I will let you know when we do. Thanks!

Andrew Ziola

From: Holly Schwartz <holly_schwartz@pietown.tv
Subject: Re: HGTV House Hunters

Re: HGTV House Hunters


I’m so sorry I called you Zach in the e-mail I just
sent! Somehow your e-mail address got me confused:)


on 2/27/09 3:29 PM, Holly Schwartz at holly_schwartz@pietown.tv wrote:

Hi Zach,

Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss the show
HOUSE HUNTERS with me. Please read through the
attached documents and sign the necessary forms. You
should submit these when you submit your video by fax or
e-mail. Then please make your video. The
instructions are in the Buyers Application. Once
you’ve shot the video, please upload it and then
e-mail me letting me know you’ve done so. If you
have any trouble uploading it please contact me for our
fed-ex number.

Since your community/development has an association then we
will need the association to sign the attached HOA release.
I am also attaching a Certificate of Liability to
provide proof of our insurance in case they ask to see it.
Please let them know that we are a small crew of 3-4
people with a handheld camera and minimal gear so we are not
disruptive. (No, we’re not a big Hollywood set
with lots of trucks – sorry!) I would advise you
to get these releases taken care of ASAP because if we
can’t get them signed it doesn’t make sense to
shoot your video because we won’t be able to shoot.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I
certainly hope we get to work with you... Good luck on your
house hunt!


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