As you get older your body hurts more and organs don't work as well and you get uglier and you are not supposed to eat bad for you foods but you still like bad for you foods.

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ya that backpack is cool

From: Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu <Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu

looked totally cool. you were wearing a backpack

aziola@yahoo.com wrote: -----

ya i work downtown now i
think you know that
that was me
i bet i looked cool standing there...

--- On Mon, 6/1/09, Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu
<Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu wrote:

From: Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu

you're great. thanks for the
tips. also, i saw you last week at clark and
lake. i was on the pink line going the other way
and i even knocked on my train window like you were going to
hear me!

Margaret Yesko, RN, MSN

aziola@yahoo.com wrote: -----

i cant think of anyone off the top of my head that is selling them but i do love
websites and getting tix from them

cubs.com releases tix for a lot of games - you just
have to keep checking

i dont know if you use craigs list or ebay but they
have bunch of tix


let know if i can help more

From: Margaret_R_Yesko@rush.edu

hey do you by chance know
anyone who
has cubs tickets for 6/13 and wants to sell

Margaret Yesko, RN, MSN

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