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I am sick of taking allergy medicine. I used to have a real bad underarm sweat problem. Now it is like completely gone. I think it is because I was forced to change from antiperspirant to deodorant that is unscented. I bought a ticket from a scalper for the 1st time. I am not proud to say that. The air conditioning isn't working right at work. Someone turned off the lights when I was in the bathroom at work yesterday.


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A man visiting a doctor says; Doctor I just dropped in to tell you how much I benefited from your treatment.
The doctor replied; but you are not one of my patients.
The man said: I know. But my uncle Bill was, and I am his heir.

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--- Z <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

No I am not a customer, I listen to the Score all day and the ads just bother me. Take care.

--- Matt Stock <mstock@uswaterproofing.org wrote:

Just curious....are you a previous customer of our's? What was your motivation in writing this?


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I listen to WSCR at work and I hear your radio ads. They are so

Andrew Ziola

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