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We launched www.bringstoneyback.com and so far it seems to be working out really well. Roman came up with the idea and within a day we had the domain name and the site was up and running. And supposedly they mentioned it on the Score Sports Radio and that is great. The air conditioning is in. Rock has been redone at least the background. I cut my pinky on the glass. Cubs gotta beat St. Louis. That Buck guy Stl broadcaster and his sidekick were making fun of the Cubs last night and that was pissing me off and I want the Cubs to kick their ass and fuck the Cardinals. Bastards.


Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

A group of girlfriends is on vacation when they see a 5-story hotel with a sign that reads: "For Women Only." Since theyare without their boyfriends and husbands, they decide to go in. The bouncer, a very attractive guy, explains to themhow it works. "We have 5 floors. Go up floor by floor, and once you find what you are looking for, you can stay there. It's easy to decide since each floor has a sign telling you what's inside."

So they start going up and on the first floor the sign reads: "All the men on this floor are short and plain." The friends laugh and without hesitation move on to the next floor. The sign on the second floor reads: "All the men here are short and handsome." Still, this isn't good enough, so the friends continue on up. They reach the third floor and the sign reads: "Al lthe men here are tall and plain."They still want to do better, and so, knowing ther eare still two floors left, they continued on up.

On the fourth floor, the sign is perfect: "All the men here are tall and handsome." The women get all excited and are going in when they realize that there is still one floor left.

Wondering what they are missing, they head on up to the fifth floor. There they find a sign that reads: "There are no men here. This floor was built only to prove that there is no way to please a woman."

Email Train of the Week

"VanHorn, Nathan" : or when they are sleeping wipe poo on their face

AZiola@focal.com: we should have someone get loaded and pass outthen urine in their mouth

"VanHorn, Nathan": i'd prefer to get my buttcheeks stapled together

Mark Moroni: i'd rather drink dixie cups of egg nog to the point of vomiting.

AZiola@focal.com: we should eat 50 hard boiled eggs each and then vomit

"VanHorn, Nathan": remember that time you hate those eggs that expired?

Mark Moroni: i'm a growing boy. i think i can tame that beast.

VanHorn, Nathan: this is one huge omlette though

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