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I wouldn't mind one thank you once. Once. Other than this thank you - why do I even bother doing this? Cause if I didn't then it wouldn't get done right? I don't really like the line at work when people say "ya really busy." Of course I am busy. That is what they pay me to be. Busy. Don't tell me you are busy, I know you are busy. I like the days that I feel good and peppy better than other days. I don't want to do anything tonite. I noticed that you check out my website. Just seeing what I have been up to huh? I didn't really like today. It did work better once I got all this caffiene in me I will tell you that. Well this weekend I saw another old friend get married. This one will last I think. Pavil is rad. He is rad and married now.


Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Bank Teller
A middle aged man walks into the bank and says to the young teller, "I
want to open a
fucking checking account". "Please sir", she replies, "we can't have
language like that in
here." "Why the Fuck not?" he asked. "Sir," Came her retort, "I must
ask you to refrain
from swearing." "I don't give a shit what you want," he answers, "I
just want to open a
fucking checking account."
With this the teller leaves and returns in a moment with her branch
manager. The manager
asks if he might be able to help the gentleman. "Shit yes", came the
reply, "I just won 14
million dollars in the lottery and want to open a fucking checking
account." The branch
manager says, "I see, and this stupid, fucking, bitch is giving you a
hard time?"

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

Andrew P Ziola

i am not the issue

she is the issue

i have to some how convince her that NOONE gives a fucking shit about


maybe if you start talking about porn that will turn her off and she
won't talk to you anymore.


what will that do?

no serious i am ready to hit someone

she is playing ole ole and some ricky martin shit now and she doesn't
understand why no one else woke up at 1:30AM last nite to watch this shit

fucking ridiculous


start talking to her about how much you love porn.


this fucking coworker of mine won't shut the fuck up about denmark soccer world cup shit

i am ready to hit her

i told her that i would rather watch WNBA


than don't put it up.

don't care.


for the record i really don't care about that ben weasel but we
can put it on the list



and i'll buy ben weasel.


i am gonna order this

cool? then i will post on here



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