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I have had these horrible allergies lately. I finally went to the allergy doctor because it got so bad. They did the whole wiping things on my arm to see how they react to my skin. I looked on the sheet and it looks like I am allergic to bunnies and trees. I just want the red eyes and dripping nose to stop. I will pay anyone $25 if they can get these things to stop.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

First friend: "I am getting so tired of having to wade through so much Spam e-mail. Every time I sign on to get my e-mail I have to discard 20 Spam messages."
Second friend: "I used to be in exactly the same situation: 20 Spam messages every time I signed on. But I solved that. Now I only get ONE every time I sign on."
First friend: "That's terrific. How did you do that?"
Second friend: "I sign on 20 times more."

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

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i finished
you can have sloppy seconds

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Mine failed twice. This is my third try.

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you can stop until i am done if you want

man we are tagteaming this zip file huh?

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Yes, I'm downloading it.

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is everyone downloading this? moo is creeping along. i listened
to a stream of this yesterday. it sounds very good. i also ordered a
cd copy of it and have not got it yet

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nofx - wolves in wolves' clothing

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