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People love to criticize but people rarely will take charge. Don't tell me that you disagree if you don't have a reasonable suggestion. I think this is all because of laziness. I don't go to the bathroom on the weekends a lot. I took some allergy medicine because I am sick of the burning sensation in my nose region. My new eating habit of 2004 would have to be pasta. I used to despise it and never consume it. Now I do. I only wear Cubs and Mullet caps.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

What travel 100 miles per hour underground? “A mole on a motorbike.”

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

Andrew P Ziola

honestly ya

i felt bad for myself


are you serious? so you did liek 6 boy push ups and 4 girl push ups?
or something like that?

From: AZiola@focal.com

painful ...

i ended with the girl ones cause mens ones are tough ...


keep it up.

From: AZiola@focal.com

10 i think

first time ....


how many pushups you do?

how often you do it?

From: AZiola@focal.com

not sure

muscles and smaller tits

cant hurt


what are you trying to accomplish form that?

From: AZiola@focal.com

i did some pushups last nite

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