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I went to the eye doctor and my eyes get worse every year. I am at a -5.25. I like my eye doctor. I am going to be 30 so I am more comfortable with the fact that I have a gut, love handles, and flabby chests. I weigh 194 pounds. My hair looks bad. My wife says I look like my dad. It is all about the Summer. Every other month just leads up to Summer. There is no more April showers bring May flowers. The past few years it has rained a ton in May and June is cool and Summer is really July-September. I like it to be stinking ass hot outside.

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From: natekelbe@comcast.net

Hey I remember Not Rebecca I had one of their first demo tapes. I was a regular at Mcgregors also. Paige is not into loud music and the last show i went to was three or four years ago. I saw Burning Airlines which is Jay Robbins(Jawbox) most recent band. It was weird being the old guy standing in back. I am sad I missed Daryls' reunion I would have liked to seen them one last time. I also missed the Naked Raygun reunion that happened like 6-7 years ago also. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Talk to you soon. Nate


i worked with dan he was in this band called not rebecca and I think he is also friends with daryl from IBC maybe- i cant remember all i know is i saw daryl at a bollweevils reunion show a few years ago we knew those guys over the years cause i was in a band in high school and we used to goto all these shows at a place called mcgregors on route 83 and north ave. weird thing is that ang and i still goto shows all the time now we are the old people standing in the back at the bar ---

natekelbe@comcast.net wrote:

No I went to COD for a couple years and then to U of Wis- Stevens Point. I don't know Dan is he a friend of yours and Daryls? Did you go to IBC? I used t o fish in the lake in the back of the College. My subdivision backed up to their property. Wow, I am having a little trip down memory lane here.


you goto IBC? you know dan knapik?

--- natekelbe@comcast.net wrote:

He lived in my Neighborhood when I was growing up. I hung out with him in high school and college. If you see him tell him that I say hello and see if you can give him my number 303-666-1887 or e-mail address. Thanks I was trying to track him down when I was home after Grace was born. If you could do that it would be great. Thanks Nate ; i see daryl every now and again how do you know them? i have talked to him before but I dont know if he remembers me - i usually see him out after shows and we are drinking and stuff that is great!

--- natekelbe@comcast.net wrote:

Hey Z, We sent more pics for the website. Gracey had her first meal the other day it was pretty funny. It was a rought weekend for the Cubs. I am not fond of the Astros at all and I am sick of injuries. I am hop ing the Cubbies can win a few in Milwaukee. I noticed you are a Naked Raygun and Pegboy fan on your website and your "Music I have listened to" file at Dr. Odd looks like my CD and record collection. What really caught my attention was that you have listened to 88 Fingers Louie and the Bollweevils. I was good friends with Daryl the lead singer of the Bollweevils and Dennis the lead singer of 88. I have been out of touch with them but I was wondering if you knew either one. I would love to get a hold of them. Anyway, We can talk more about music at a later date. Go Cubbies. Thanks Nate, Paige and Grace.

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