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I do a lot of peeing on Sundays. Listen up coworkers, please please make coffee if you finish the pot. What do you think? The coffee makes itself? Cubs should start thinking about getting in 1st place and staying there until the season is done. I think I would have to say that my favorite drinks are water and coffee. I think I would rather be hungry instead of full and warm instead of cold. I don't understand the appeal of male golf. To wake up every Saturday to wear a tucked in collared shirt with 4 other guys and wack a small white ball into a hole with metal rods doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I love it here.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

A recently widow says to her friend, “Oh don’t talk to me about lawyers”
“I’ve had so much trouble settling my late husband’s estate that I sometimes wish he hadn’t died….”

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

"Sean O'Brien"

only if I'm thirsty. That means yes. Seeing is Amy won't be drinking, I have a designated driver. Are you staying in the fancy hotel?


you gonna have some drinks at nates wedding?

"Sean O'Brien"

Yeah, I know but I type fast so they don't seem very long to me, until I'm done.


you write real long emails

"Sean O'Brien"

We're moving into a townhome in Cary. It's not even a 5min drive from where we live now. We close next Friday. After we move in I would love new copies of the software. I found a copy of Dreamweaver that I had used before but I don't have the serial number or product code or whatever the number is that you need to install the program. I think I might've thrown it away once I noticed that I didn't have that number available. I want to start to overhaul it again and get it ready for posting pictures again.


i sent you that link cause i was hopin you had updates - you should put pics at least on that site

sux about software let me know if you want new copies

where are you moving?

"Sean O'Brien"

So you'll have to explain what you were trying to do with the link. My computer crashed last year and I lost alot of software....Dreamweaver,photoshop, ect. So I haven't been able to easily update anything on the site, not that there has been anything going on really. to finalize my home loan so we can close on 4/30. Also we found out last night that we are going to have a girl...8/25. Wow!



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