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Barking dogs make me cringe. That is about it. Hangnails are a little annoying. What the heck are hang nails? Hot weather is so perfect. Sweating means great. If you have a job. Please don't talk negatively about it in front of me. Please treasure it. I have not gotten a haircut in a long time.

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Joke of the Week

Two drunks were staggering home along a railway line. “This is the longest staircase I’ve ever climbed, moaned one. “It certainly is,” slurred his body. “And the banister’s so low; my back’s killing me.”

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- "z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

too bad it wasnt the story of tre trying to milk the pregnant dog so
he could have milk in his coffee

--- Sean O'Brien <SOBrien@Pactiv.com wrote:

And Green Day. Jason's mom caught Trey, drunk trying to climb onto
their roof.


ya that guy was alright

having samiam sleep over at his parents house ...

--- "VanHorn, Nathan" <Nathan.VanHorn@infores.com wrote:

jason gabel

From: z@homemail.com [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

i owe it all to that friend of spees who gave him a screeching
weasel tape - what was that guys name?

--- Sean O'Brien <SOBrien@Pactiv.com wrote:

I owe everything rock star to Nathan though. He took me under
his wing when I was still confused about music, listening to Anthrax and
Naked Raygun at the same time. Nathan took me on my first punk rock music
purchase and directed me to purchase Minor Threat - Fugazi "Repeater' and
Government Issue(which I gladly sold to Nathan a few weeks later at a
discounted price). From there, I owe the rest to Roman and Z. Without
U-Nation I would've never been discovered by Craig Ackerman and catapulted
to rock stardom. haha!

"VanHorn, Nathan"

sob is my line to everything cool...because of him i have great
conversations with greg sharp here about

fred, tommy, mike lust etc....

From: Sean O'Brien [mailto:SOBrien@Pactiv.com]

You guys love it. Did I mention that the rep from Sony had all
of about 3 teeth? She was definitely a looker

"Bojarski, Neil"

Listen to Sean...getting all "rock star" on us...eating his
hamburger sized sushi in Tokyo with a rep from Sony!

From: z@homemail.com [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

mcdonalds has sushi?

--- Sean O'Brien <SOBrien@Pactiv.com wrote:

I can honestly say that sushi in the states shouldn't even be
called sushi. It's a joke compared to what you get for the price of a
McDonalds meal in Tokyo. It's cheap and the pieces are as big as hamburgers. I
stuffed myself to the point of not being able to walk right and I think that
I paid $6 total(actually a rep from Sony Records paid for me and I ate
for almost 2 hours).



what is he eating?

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