I saw a sign that instead of 'no smoking' said, T'hank you for supporting a tobacco free environment.' That sounds so much fancier. I was thinking about facebook and I do look at what my 'friends' post on their walls but it basically means that I am reading about hijinks of the receptionist of the company I worked at 2 companies ago and people I didn't talk to in high school.

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"=Z=" <aziola@yahoo.com>
i dont even think i can wrap my mouth around it...

From: dorothy

Hi Z, That's funny. Do you think Cailyn and Ava will be able to wrap their mouths around Grandpalan.

From: =Z= <aziola@yahoo.com>
To: Mom and Dad
Subject: new name

instead of umpah i think i want everyone to call grandpa



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