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Today is opening day for baseball. This is great. I missed it so much and am very excited. I hate rain. It gets me all wet. I miss my cat when we go out of town and I am so happy when we bring her back from boarding after our trip.


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In a circus stunt, a lady and a lion were kissing each other inside a cage.
Ring master proudly challenged the audience "Can anyone do it?"
One person from the audience slowly answered "I can, but first take the stupid Lion out"

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From: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Color scheme idea
To: ryan.burke@phoenix.gov

I know it sounds challenging. In Chicago, I love the sense of pride in
the Bears blue and orange whom they have taken from the University of
Illinois. Personally I would hate the Cubs to give up Cubbie Blue but I
think the sense of city pride would be huge.

Take care!

--- ryan.burke@phoenix.gov wrote:

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for sharing your e-mail with the Mayor's office. The Mayor

asked that I provide a response to your proposed idea. While very
creative in its approach, I think your plan would encounter some
challenges when one team to change their colors to match those of
other teams. In Arizona for instance, we have three of our four teams
(Cardinals, D-Backs and Coyotes) which share a red/white/black color
scheme. The Suns, however, have been traditionally orange and blue
(which are great colors for them), and fans would be unhappy with a change
to red/white/black colors. I'm sure Chicago would have similar
challenges - think of the Cubbies shifting to White Sox colors???

We wish you luck with your proposal.


Ryan Burke
Assistant to the Mayor
(602) 534-1275

Z <aziola@yahoo.com
03/26/2007 07:41 AM


City's Color Schemes

Hi there. I wanted to share an idea I have that I think would be good
for all the major cities in the United States. I think that it would
a good idea for each city to have its own unique color scheme for its
professional sports teams. This would be a great way to show a new
sense of pride to your city. I am sure this would be tough to pull
but I think if there was a fair way for each city to select its own
color scheme, in the end, each city would gain more pride and each
team would profit from the Marketing of these colors. Thanks for your
help with my idea!

Andrew Ziola
Chicago, IL

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