I want to come up for a ew slang term for the expression "classic." Like when someone is telling a funny story and they reply with that's "classic." I want to come up with an alternative expression because I don't like that term. I sold all of my CDs on Craigs List to some old man. It was my first Craig's List experience.

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"Z" <aziola@yahoo.com

That is funny. That is where my brick used to be. It is on addison inbetween the Harry Caray Statue and Clark St.

From: Rebecca

I just got a letter today from the Cubs.. they moved mine
to the Greg Maddux area... wonder where that is......

From: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com

hi becky

my brick was moved too and i emailed the cubs and they said
that they are gonna let us know when our bricks are put back
- they might be in a different spot

take care

Andrew Ziola

From: Rebecca


I heard they moved some of the commemorative bricks
that were outside Wrigley to build a new restaurant... do
you know where these bricks will go to? Mine was one in
the Billly Williams section that was removed....




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