Real estate deals get my blood pumping. I think they are fun and a thrill. I think all negotiation and barter is fun. I think I am in the minority on this.

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From: "=Z=" <aziola@yahoo.com>

you try and hit the ball and get across that plate and have your pitchers try and stop the other color team from doing that

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From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net>

A 5 run lead cures (hides) a lot of problems

From: =Z= <aziola@yahoo.com>

ya pen wouldnt look so bad if they had a 5 run lead

From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net>

two big problems: Lack of timely hitting and a poor pen (Marmol is ok, starters are great.
What starter is going to the pen when Lilly gets back?? Zambrano (HaHa)

From: =Z= <aziola@yahoo.com>

they are talkin about it now how lou maybe took out wells too early but now callers are saying who cares - the pen is real bad - dont matter when they pull wells

From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net>

I love him. I guess Mac was saying brenly was saying stuff on radio maybe a little negative about the Cubs and i just wondered what he said. Most announcers follow the company line and don't say anything negative about the team (their employers)

From: =Z= <aziola@yahoo.com>

i havent had it on today

i love brenly though

he is like my new steve stone

From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net>

I was listening to the Mac show on the Score at about 12:15 and they said they had Bob Brenley on earlier and I just wondered if he had anything interesting to say about the cubs (if you were listening at the time)


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