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Spam is annoying. Even more annoying is when real emails go to my spam folder. That is a pain.


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--- "Eanet, Dave" <DEanet@tribune.com wrote:

Mr. Ziola

Thanks for your comments. Obviously Ron is a Cubs icon, and his
broadcast style is a little different, because he's very emotional
doesn't hold back. It's also what endears him to many of our
listeners. Ron is still enormously popular on our radio broadcasts.
I'm sorry that you're not a fan, but appreciate you listening.
Hopefully, if the Cubs win, you'll enjoy the broadcasts a little

Dave Eanet
Sports Director
WGN Radio

From: Andrew Ziola [mailto:z@homemail.com]
Subject: WEBMAIL: Cubs Broadcasts - comment

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://wgnradio.com from:
Andrew Ziola <z@homemail.com

Ron Santo is horrible. He is jus awful. I am one of the biggest Cubs
fans and listen to day games at work but Santo pretty much ruins
broadcast for me.

Concerned Cubs fan,

Andrew Ziola

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