I have come to realize that I would rather be the smartest person in a room full of dummies than the dumbest person in a room of the world's smartest. I don't know what kind of clothes I should be wearing. Do I dumb down my wardrobe to look more like an old daddy?

Email Attachment of the Week

Email Train of the Week

(9:42:32 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com:

(9:42:33 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: hi

(9:45:03 AM) ziola1039: hi

(9:45:46 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: so i was driving home from the in-laws yesterday and think i came up with a new drodd game

(9:46:33 AM) ziola1039: ok what is it?

(9:46:35 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: while driving down the edens, i saw a car with hawaii license plates and thought that it'd be interesting to keep track of license plates that people have seen

(9:46:44 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: from each state

(9:47:01 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: whaddya think?

(9:47:13 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: it'd have to purely be an honor system

(9:47:49 AM) ziola1039: i cant get people to reply to simple questions i dont think there is any way i can get people to give me something like that

(9:47:54 AM) ziola1039: but i like the idea

(9:48:48 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: well if we started yesterday, i can saw i saw hawaii and illinois, then today i added wisconsin, minnesota and new hampshire

(9:49:06 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: and i just keep adding license places as i see them.

(9:49:46 AM) ziola1039: but like i said i cant get anyone to reply to my blast emails so the list will only be me, my mom, my mom inlaw and angs aunt

(9:50:25 AM) mark_moroni@yahoo.com: ok - just a thought. i'd be happy to participate - it gives me something to look for during my commute. your call.

(9:50:38 AM) ziola1039: please reply to my 13 questions email

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