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Seriously now. Speak up. I can't fucking hear you. I am sick of saying, "What?" You like being a low talker and no one being able to hear you. I kinda wish I had a fancy dinner at home like that I didn't have to cook myself. Fuck it maybe I will just get a burrito, and put on sweats, and watch hoops. I wish I had BO today so I really can be a single boy. I bet my cat thinks I am a loser. I can't remember the last time I moved my bowels. My mom's friend had blood coming out of her pooper so the ambulence came the other day. The cubs can not go undefeated this year because they lost their first game today. Minus the weather, this week is gonna rule cause the Cubs started their regular season and the Team Mullet Chandos start their season on Thursday.


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From the mouth of Mark Grace

"One day Rick Sutcliffe gave up back-to-back home runs in Cincinnati. And in Cincinnati, they shoot off fireworks after a Red hits a home run. And Sutcliffe was pretty intense on the day he pitched. So Eric Davis takes him deep and Paul O'Neill takes him deep right after that. So Sutcliffe is all pissed off, and Billy Connors comes out to the mound and Sutcliffe yells at him, "I know I gave up f---ing back-to-back home runs and get your f---ing ass back in the dugout and tell Zimmer to f---ing settle down there, too." Billy looks at him and says, "I know you have everything under control, Rick. I just wanted to give that guy running the fireworks a little time to reload." I blew a snot bubble on the mound I was laughing so hard."

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