I don’t like the term “we are working on it.” I hear people say this all the time and there is no way it can be true. If you are currently working on something you can’t be talking to someone telling them that at the same time. You should say “I will be working on it soon.”

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"Jonathan Gilligan" <gills817@hotmail.com

That's right he was #90 wasn't he. Chester Taylor is #29 so I'm breaking out the old Raymont Harris jersey!

From: a.mankiewicz@gmail.com


Peppers is officially a Bear. Who is busting out their old Alonzo Spellmen jerseys?

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Jonathan Gilligan <gills817@hotmail.com wrote:

Looks like we signed TE Brandon Manumaleuna to a 5-year deal, which means they may be putting Olsen on the trading block. We'll see.

From: aziola@yahoo.com

cubs wins predictions:


From: Andrew Mankiewicz <a.mankiewicz@gmail.com

Don't forget safety Gilli. That is
the most important position according to Lovie...

Z / <aziola@yahoo.com

i dont understand why the bears dont
hire us to make these decisions

--- On Fri, 3/5/10, Jonathan Gilligan <gills817@hotmail.com

I'm guessing a change of venue will have Peppers
coming out with plenty of fire in his belly, but we'll
see. I like the Taylor signing too. Now, on to the secondary,
the offensive line, and the WR's. The list sure never
ends with Da Bears.

From: a.mankiewicz@gmail.com

I like the Taylor signing a lot. Experienced
back with not a lot of mileage. Will push Forte.
It depends which Peppers decides to play. If
you get the beast from the 2nd half of the year, I am
terrified because we don't have anyone that can
block him. If you get the bum from the 1st half of the
year, awful signing...

PM, / Z / <aziola@yahoo.com



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