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This is the worst time of the year for weather. It was over 60 degrees on Sunday and today it is like 15 out. I feel like a loser. I make websites and I sort of feel that I know what I am doing. I thought about playing basketball today. I had a dream last night that a bunch of people I know had a disease where they had these like bloody festering wounds. In my dream I called it batulism but I don't even know what batulism really is. Weird.

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A man found a magic genie who would grant him one wish. The man said to the genie,” I wish that I had a non-stop bridge from here to Hawaii." The genie said,” I’m sorry, but that's going to be very hard. Do you have another wish?" The man answered, "Of course! I want the power to understand all women." The genie thought for a minute. He replied, "How many platforms did you want on that bridge?"

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--- "z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

you have put a lot of thought into this

--- "Butler, Andrew" <abutler@midwaygames.com wrote:

I think he's a 'roider. He sucked his entire career, then went to
play in Mexico, and suddenly he can throw mid-90's, comes back to the
bigs, starts to believe the hype that he's good, quits 'roids, suddenly
finds himself in over his head, goes on the DL, comes off, can't touch
90mph to save his life, starts to miss the limelight, probably
contemplates suicide, says F it, I'm going back on the juice, will probably
saunter into camp throwing high heat again. I can't cheer for that.

From: z@homemail.com


--- "Butler, Andrew" <abutler@midwaygames.com wrote:

I don't think I can help him... he's a steroid user.

From: z@homemail.com

i think borowski might be worth a look in the buddy draft

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