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"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, huh!" (Elaine Bennis). OK I don't like talking or thinking about this but it is on all our minds. We are at war. I am what you might call a pacifist. I don't like violence or conflict. But I am also an American. I think America is neato. This could be the first time in my generation's lives that we experience the effects of a war. I want to leave my opinion on this as this - people have lost their lives and will continue to lose their lives. This makes me upset. I would not be surprised if my grandma died soon.

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A man eating at restaurant says to his waiter,
'waiter, there's a fly in my soup!'
The waiter replies, 'That, sir, is entirely
possible, you see our cook used to be a tailor.'

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--- Mike Tierney <mtierney@ajc.com wrote:
Love the Seinfeld script site. For a story I'm writing (I'm with the
Atlanta Journal-Constitution), looking for a script in which George
talks about becoming a sportscaster and Jerry tells him he needs
experience. Ring a bell?

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