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Please stop blaming me for mistakes I did not do. I am happy to take blame where blame is due. Don't blame me for something that you messed up on. At work I just walked into a closet thinking that it was an exit into the hallway. Your tone is so negative. I am glad you are going away. Computer people are weird and anti-social and awkward. I am not these things, am I?

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Q: Why was the snowman smiling?
A: He heard the snowblower coming!

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

Andrew P Ziola

good work mommy

"Merilou Ziola"

I am trying to prevent disease (and I might add, I think I am
successful at least for now).

From: AZiola@focal.com

what are you trying to prevent?

"Merilou Ziola"

It's going great - I will now heat up my Lean Cuisine lunch and read my
Prevention Magazine.

From: AZiola@focal.com

so hows it going?

"Merilou Ziola"

OK - I will mention it to Rich that you would be willing to update this
for free occassionally - will keep you posted.

From: AZiola@focal.com

i am serious

i do a lot of sites for free cause i like helping and there is no
pressure if i do them for free

even if they update it a lot i always have time to do this and you know
i love doing them

"Merilou Ziola"


Char designed this website. However, she is leaving to have her baby
in another month or so and is not coming back. I will mention to Rich and
Tom that you would do their website for free if you are serious.

From: AZiola@focal.com

who does this



let me know if they ever need help i will do it for free

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