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I remember as a kid my grandma would babysit me and bring candy for me to eat. So my parents would not find out about it, she brought the wrappers home so my parents would not see them in the trash. My grandma was the most generous person I have ever met. It was almost too generous at times when she would try and give us Christmas presents that others had given to her. Sadly, she passed away last night but we will always remember her and try to imitate her many virtuous qualities.

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Joke of the Week

A newly wed couple had just had an argument coming home from the reception. Driving along in silence they pass a farm with all kinds of animals on it. Breaking the silence, the husband asks: "Relatives?" and without missing a beat the wife replies: "Yes, in-laws."

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- "z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

it is amazingness

--- "VanHorn, Nathan" <Nathan.VanHorn@infores.com wrote:

i dont know what that is

From: Moroni Mark

the teutels rule.

From: aziola@yahoo.com

you guys watch some weird shows

i do watch american chopper though

--- Moroni Mark-CMM088 < wrote:

i was mainly struggling with the illini and bulls. i recorded according to jim and law & order.

From: aziola@yahoo.com

for a non tivoer you can juggle an awful lot of the tube

--- "VanHorn, Nathan" <Nathan.VanHorn@infores.com wrote:

i had all sorts of problems last night

bulls game, illinois game, amazing race & nypd blue it was exhausting

From: Moroni Mark

they are darn fun to watch.

From: aziola@yahoo.com


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