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Don't tell me to "use my creative." Why dont' they say God Bless You when I sneeze? Rude. I have had a ton of phlegm lately and it is annoying. We help at a soup kitchen. I have a bandaid on my finger. I won the Regan's Super Bowl XL Party Champ trophy. I need baseball.

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Gas prices are so high that when this college girl pulled into a gas station and asked for 2 dollar’s worth, the attendant dabbed some behind her ears.

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-- "z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

this is gonna be tricky

--- "Yurko, Mary Beth" <MaryBeth.Yurko@guarantygroup.com wrote:

FYI- our wedding chapel is out in the boonies or approximately 7
miles from where the reception will take place. it's an easy route
(3 turns), but there is some distance there.

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From: Meaney, Karen [mailto:kmeaney@mcw.edu]
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 12:26 PM
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Margaret and I don't know yet. We're not renting a car, but would
love to share cabs if we're at the same place. We're going to get this
all settled in the next few days and we'll let you know!

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From: z@homemail.com [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 12:01 PM
To: Yurko, Mary Beth; Meaney, Karen
Subject: RE: Breakin' the Rules!

karen where are you staying? can we get a ride from you to the
reception? i like you guys.

--- "Yurko, Mary Beth" <MaryBeth.Yurko@guarantygroup.com wrote:

we are getting married 2 miles from dt austin:
doubletree club is closest to reception and off UT campus- 1.2
miles from reception radisson is next 2.2 miles and in a great location downtown
...other hotels outside city are about 6 miles from reception
site, but easy to get to.
that help at all? we are sorry we aren't getting married at a
hotel. i know that'd be lots easier! :) we may do a shuttle, but only
if the budget allows.

From: z@homemail.com [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

where hotel should we stay at? is is near reception so we dont
have to drink and drive?

--- "Yurko, Mary Beth" <MaryBeth.Yurko@guarantygroup.com wrote:

You wild, wild woman! Yippeee! Book those flights, baby...
1. Ceremony is happening at 2pm Saturday. Reception will
follow at 4pm
2. Airport to hotel. Let's think Milwaukee and say 15 minutes
to downtown. The Austin airport is probably about the size of

3. Here is our wedding website with some hotel options under
"Details for our Guests"


If you need any recommendations, please let me know. The
cheaper options are good, but are about a 10-minute drive from the
reception location. 4. We do plan to invite the out of town guests to the RD at 6
on Friday. After that, we are planning to have everyone meet up
at a bar somewhere downtown to catch up.

Z, I am cc'ing you, cause i can't remember if I told you this
stuff or not.

Can't wait! Wahooo!!!!! xo, MB

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From: Meaney, Karen [mailto:kmeaney@mcw.edu]

It's Friday and I'm throwing caution to the wind and e-mailing
you outside of my lunch hour! E-gads!!!

Nurse Marge and I were just on the phone and we're going to
book our flights to Austin TODAY! (There are some decent-priced flights
out there right now!) I have two questions for you:

1) When is the ceremony happening on Saturday?

2) How much time should we plan on for getting from the
airport to the hotel? (i.e.: Is Austin a huge airport and is traffic
usually more Chicago-style or Milwaukee-style?)


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