(This is a guest column from Aunt Helen)
I was having a blast picking fruit with my grandsons yesterday. Logan could reach the high oranges easily. Caleb is a little shorter being the younger brother so I climbed up the ladder behind him to see if I could help. I asked him if he could get them and he said, "Granny, no, you are squishing my waist to the ladder."

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the key is just to open a bunch of windows ( i think only IE works) and to set aside a couple of hours to get tix. except last year only took me like 20 minutes to get 4 games. i love getting tix. it is a passion of mine.

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From: Buchanan, Jay <Jay.Buchanan@NC-4.com Subject: RE: Cubs

got multiple seats in the waiting room at 8:30 and never got
out. powered down at 11:00.

From: Ed Emberson [mailto:eemberson@yahoo.com]

You need a tutorial from the masters, z and ro. It worked
for me last
time. Can't give up after 10 min : ).


My ticketing getting efforts have not been productive
since we let the season's go bye-bye. :-(

From: Ed Emberson [mailto:eemberson@yahoo.com]

Do we know when tix go on sale?

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.comSubject: Re: Cubs

i wonder if they are gonna get peavy
i am thinkin no
i think this is just like brian roberts last year

the cubs are my favorite team, i cant wait for super bowl
to be done so we can
get thru march madness and start baseball

From: Ed Emberson <eemberson@yahoo.com Subject: Cubs

I'm sure I'm late to the party on this...it
obvious that Peavy is the end result of these deals.


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