My wife and I continue to talk about when we should move to the suburbs. There is no right answer to this question. We love the north side of Chicago. We love our commutes to work. Our baby seems urban.

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To: dshane4@yahoo.com

i hope he is lefty

--- On Tue, 2/24/09, Dan Shane <dshane4@yahoo.com wrote:

From: Dan Shane <dshane4@yahoo.com

thanks man. cool site. only a couple days til she's 1...fun.

here are some pics of our dude.


From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

hey man
i have more pics at theziolas.com

man you are smart with your fancy phd - cool


From: Dan Shane <dshane4@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: mullet softball reunion
To: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 12:21 PM
Hey Z, That's funny you mention seeing the pictures
of me and Hoover with kids and not even knowing we had em.
I happened to check out DrOdd maybe a month ago and saw
pictures of you with child (and now Roman too I hear). Crazy.
Congrats, by the way.

So I actually moved to Bloomington, Indiana last
year as well. I'm working on a PhD in economics down

Not sure if I'll be around Chicago for the
reunion on 4/10 but keep me in the loop, you never know.
Mullet softball is in the top 5 of things I miss about
Chicago. I get compliments on the Mullet gear all the time.


From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

I was logged on to some website called
and I saw a pic of Hoover and Dan and their kids
and I thought it was time to get the mullet softball guys
together because i didnt even know they had kids. Instead of
putting together a scrimmage against Zebra Pimps, I thought we
could meet up some some booze drinks. I send this out to
everyone that has been on the mullet roster over the years. I
am looking for John Russel's email if anyone has that.
You might ask - who is John Russel? He is the red hair dude
from Focal with the mustache that played with us in the
early years.


friday april 10th - time and place TBD
side of
Chicago, IL most likely) .

can you do me a favor and reply to this
email? I want to be sure I got everyone's email correct. i
will send follow up electronic mails closer to april 10.

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