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My uncle's office building downtown had a fire last night. No one got killed. I drink coffee and water. I give my cat pills every day. My cat is always stealing my chair. I have gotten better at art recently. I am bored. I really would love to know what the Cubs are going to do and what players they are going to get. I miss baseball so much. It has been gloomy a bunch of days in a row. I would prefer to look out the window and see sun. It is dark in here. It looks like the Christmas decorations are going to go up. I think I ate too much horseradish.

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Joke of the Week

Little Johnny was at football practice one day and the coach said
"Who here thinks they can jump higher than the goal posts"
Immediately little Johnny said, "Ooh me sir me"
The coach then said, "But Johnny you are the worst in the team!"
Then Johnny said, "I know, but goalposts can’t jump!"

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- Tomas Yanez <tyanez@pacwest.com wrote:

I don't know. That's the thing. The cubs have to determine how healthy his foot is, and how likely he is to re-injure it. I guess it's possible to get 500 ABs out of him. If management gets good indications, I'd roll the dice with Nomah.

From: z@homemail.com

i prefer nomar but ya think they can get 500 at bats our of him?

--- Tomas Yanez <tyanez@pacwest.com wrote: Renteria? He doesn't hold a candle to Nomar, if he's healthy. If Nomar plays a full season, he hits 29 jacks, drives in 114, scores 118, and hits .322. Renteria, same thing; 10HR, 71RBI, 91 runs, and .289. That's crap. Defense, yes, Renteria plays a much better short than Nomah, but not THAT much better that he can save more runs than Nomar will drive in or score. If Nomar's foot is healthy, I say sign him to a one year deal.

From: z@homemail.com

if the cubs dont get rentaria i hope they resign noman

--- Tomas Yanez <tyanez@pacwest.com wrote: Fans would dig, Piazza. He's no gaurantee to perform though. He's kinda brittle, and his defense has always sucked, even when he was young and healthy. Should the Cubs keep Nomar?

From: z@homemail.com

if all we got was cliff floyd - i say no but if we got piazza - i think that may be cool

--- Tomas Yanez <tyanez@pacwest.com wrote:

Yes, that was dumb, on Fan Appretiation Day, and the corked bat. Those make him less a person you want you kid to be like, but they don't make him a person who'll hit 40 bombs a year for your team.

He had a bad year, and was injured, and still hit 35. If he doesn't get hurt, he'll hit 40. And he's not perfect, he craves fan adoration, but he's still a good guy. He's a Cub, man. It would be a shame if he went somewhere else.

From: z@homemail.com

i dunno i think he made an ass move ditching the last game and he has been an idiot with the cork bat and stuff but i still think it would be hard to replace his production for all we know - he might hit 60 again next year

--- Tomas Yanez <tyanez@pacwest.com wrote:

But what about Sammy?! Comments? Don't you think he's getting a raw deal, or have you jumped off his bandwagon and picked up a torch and pitchfork with the rest of the villagers?

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