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I think I am sick but it is not bad. I have told people in the past that I don't mind being sick because then I am more grateful for health. I have a lot of art projects up in the air right now. One of them is 3 big painted canvases for a living room. I prefer black ball point pens.


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Q. What did the digital clock say to the analog clock?
A. Look, No hands!

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From: Eric Ferguson <eferguson@wtmx.com


We play them from time to time on our show....it's the Eric And Kathy Singers.... You should listen more!
The Mix

From: Z
Sent: Wed 11/15/2006 6:26 PM
Subject: Sex Rexy - who sings it?
My wife mentioned that you played some Sexy Rexy
song on your station in the morning this week . Who sings this song and
where can I hear it?

Andrew Ziola

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