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I have never heard this before. I was at Starbucks purchasing a coffee yesterday morning. I know that people order a bunch of crazy combos of stuff and then the Starbucks person repeats it so the person making it knows what it is. But yesterday someone order a coffee with "no sleeve." I am guessing they didn't want that cardboard thing that protects your hand from getting burnt if the coffee is real hot. Maybe this person was looking for a lawsuit.


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From: "Mike Jordan" <mike@lightbulbemporium.com


I wish I was.

I am just a slow-footed guy who knows a little about light bulbs.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mike Jordan

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

are you the famous basketball player from the Bulls?

you are the best, Michael Jordan!

--- Mike Jordan wrote:


The simple answer is yes.

The shape of each bulb is slightly different. The Satco lamp is a
130V lamp. The Sylvania is a 120V lamp. The Satco puts out 600
lumens. The Sylvania puts out 650 lumens.

Mike Jordan


From: Z

are these: http://www.lightbulbemporium.com/proddetail.asp?prod=S2301
the same as these:


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