I wonder how many ounces of urine come out every time I pee?

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"/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com

he reminds me of ronnie efford

From: Mark Moroni <mark_moroni@yahoo.com

Fulce, Joseph

that dude hasnt played

sure ya dont want someone that has logged some minutes?


From: Mark Moroni <mark_moroni@yahoo.com

Cadougan, Junior

Fulce, Joseph
Otule, Chris (i think he is hurt - out for long time)
Williams, Erik

From: Mark Moroni

who is available?

From: / Z / <aziola@yahoo.com

Maymon leaving MU

please pick a new buddy

From: Andrew Mankiewicz <a.mankiewicz@gmail.com


They were not a deep team to start
I hope this doesn't change the mind of the top 25
recruit we have coming to MU next year.

Andrew Mankiewicz, PMP


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